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The following content contains spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

"Also... the Hidden? Couldn't that be something even you don't want to know?"The following content contains spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.
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Wicked is a member of the Ostinato Musicians in The Caligula Effect.


Wicked's outfit consists of the Kishimai High School uniform, but heavily modified; she wears a flak jacket over the regular top, several buttons of the jacket (which has a heart print on the interior) are undone, and she also wears a pair of ripped-up pantyhose. Additionally, she has brown eyes with pink, heart-shaped pupils and long, messy brown hair.


As a result of the trauma she suffered during her abusive upbringing, Wicked has sociopathic tendencies that manifest in the form of an unbridled desire to destroy human relationships. She disguised this behavior, however, under a cheerful, calm, and kind facade. Aside from this seemingly harmless act, she has an affinity for explosives and uses them with reckless abandon. As a composer, Wicked crafts songs that ridicule and mock concepts such as love and friendship.


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Catharsis Effect

Like all characters, the SP cost for Wicked's skills decreases per phase. Additionally, some of her skills require a certain level or character episode progression to unlock: Munition Magician (Level 40), Dynamite Extradite (Level 45), and Emancipation Detonation (character episode completion) fall under this category.

Catharsis Effect Initial SP Cost Initial Power Lvl Hits ATK Skill Lvl DEF Skill Lvl Upgrade Cost Status Effect Description
Face Palm Cluster Bomb 100 50 4 1 1 8 - Treat an enemy with a selection of grade-A, prime-quality explosives. Hitting an enemy Risk 2 or higher triggers a follow-up skill.
Bottom Line Landmine 95 75 6 2 1 12 Increases Risk Toss a bomb at an enemy's feet to launch it in the air, increasing the rate it gains Risk.
Munition Magician 120 60 4 1 1 20 - Procure bombs from somewhere, tossing them haphazardly. Hitting enemies Risk 4 or greater launches them.
Dynamite Extradite 50 60 4 2 3 - Stun [Down Only] Lob a stunning explosive to get them off your lawn. Deals 150% damage to downed enemies.
Empancipation Detonation 190 15 18 1 2 - - An Ultimate skill that blow enemies back to D-Day. Hitting enemies in Risk Break triggers a follow-up skill that inflicts debuffs.

Support Effect

This table below outlines Wicked's unique support skills, however she also has access to Swelling Strength, Mother's Mercy, Marksman, Shadow Child, Explosive Loader, Misery, and Heal.

Support Effect Initial SP Cost Upgrade Cost Status Effect Description
Crimson Tears 20 16 Bleed Cause an enemy to rapidly lose HP over a period of time.
Weight of Calamity 20 18 Defense and Evasion down Greatly reduces an enemy's Defense and Evasion for a time.
Flash Freeze 40 24 Stun Stun an enemy, preventing it from taking action for a time.


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