The Caligula Effect (also known as Caligula in Japanese) is a role-playing video game that was developed by Aquria for the PlayStation Vita. It was published by FuRyu in June 2016 in Japan, and released by Atlus in 2017 in North America and Europe. In 2018 it received a remake for Playstation 4 entitled Caligula Overdose.


Mobius, the virtual world governed by the virtual idol μ, where inhabitants endlessly repeat the ideal life of a Japanese high school student. You are one of hundreds, if not thousands of souls trapped inside this gilded cage, and were only recently made aware of the truth after some discrepancies became too large to ignore. Now hunted by the Ostinato Musicians, who would see you brainwashed back into a blissfully ignorant drone, and their Digihead minions, you must work with the Go-Home Club and the former keeper of Mobius Aria to find a way out.

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Caligula is a role-playing video game featuring turn-based combat in dungeon environments. Combat is triggered upon encountering enemy characters during dungeon exploration.

Combat is a hybrid of turn-based and real-time, where battle flow pauses while you are selecting character commands, but all attacks and skills play out simultaneously. When selecting a target for a skill, the game invokes its "Imaginary Chain" system. The Imaginary Chain will show you the results of all attacks and actions performed by both allies and enemies, and through that, the chance you can successfully pull off that particular maneuver. Keep in mind, the Imaginary Chain is merely a predictive simulation based on if all attacks connect properly. Reduced accuracy as a result of debuffs, poor synergy, enemy disruption, status ailments, and other conditions may impact the actual turn of events.

The Causality Link system shows the connections and relationships between you and the 500+ NPC students across Mobius. By interacting with them and completing sidequests, you can increase your relation with them, unlock new students in the Causality Link via mutual acquaintance, or even recruit them as extra party members.

WARNING! NPC party members must fight with Digihead powers rather than Catharsis Effects. As a result, NPCs cannot gain EXP or new abilities.


Despite praise for the battle mechanics and storyline, the game was criticized for issues such as poor game performance on the Vita, cookie-cutter characters in the Causality Link, battles taking too long, and graphics quality not really living up to official art.


The music is composed by Tsukasa Masuko, and the theme song is performed by a three-person group: Eriko Nakamura, Emi Nitta and Yuka Ōtsubo.

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