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The Caligula Effect (also known as Caligula in Japanese) is a role-playing video game that was developed by Aquria for the PlayStation Vita. It was published by FuRyu in June 2016 in Japan, and released by Atlus in 2017 in North America and Europe. In 2018 it received a remake for Playstation 4 entitled Caligula Overdose. In 2021 it received a sequel entitled Caligula 2.


Mobius, the virtual world governed by the virtual idol μ, where inhabitants endlessly repeat the ideal life of a Japanese high school student. You are one of hundreds, if not thousands of souls trapped inside this gilded cage, and were only recently made aware of the truth after some discrepancies became too large to ignore. Now hunted by the Ostinato Musicians, who would see you brainwashed back into a blissfully ignorant drone, and their Digihead minions, you must work with the Go-Home Club and the former keeper of Mobius Aria to find a way out.

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Caligula is a role-playing video game featuring turn-based combat in dungeon environments. Combat is triggered upon encountering enemy characters during dungeon exploration.

Combat is a hybrid of turn-based and real-time, where battle flow pauses while you are selecting character commands, but all attacks and skills play out simultaneously. When selecting a target for a skill, the game invokes its "Imaginary Chain" system. The Imaginary Chain will show you the results of all attacks and actions performed by both allies and enemies, and through that, the chance you can successfully pull off that particular maneuver. Keep in mind, the Imaginary Chain is merely a predictive simulation based on if all attacks connect properly. Reduced accuracy as a result of debuffs, poor synergy, enemy disruption, status ailments, and other conditions may impact the actual turn of events.

The Causality Link system shows the connections and relationships between you and the 500+ NPC students across Mobius. By interacting with them and completing sidequests, you can increase your relation with them, unlock new students in the Causality Link via mutual acquaintance, or even recruit them as extra party members.

WARNING! NPC party members must fight with Digihead powers rather than Catharsis Effects. As a result, NPCs cannot gain EXP or new abilities.


Despite praise for the battle mechanics and storyline, the game was criticized for issues such as poor game performance on the Vita, cookie-cutter characters in the Causality Link, battles taking too long, and graphics quality not really living up to official art.


The music is composed by Tsukasa Masuko, and the theme song is performed by a three-person group: Eriko Nakamura, Emi Nitta and Yuka Ōtsubo.

Songs on the Official Soundtrack:


This page only contains the story for the original The Caligula Effect. All Overdose-exclusive additions, such as Ayana and Eiji's involvement, Kuchinashi and Stork's arcs, and the Musician Route plotline are on the page for The Caligula Effect: Overdose.

SpoilerNotice.png"Also... the Hidden? Couldn't that be something even you don't want to know?"
The following content contains spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

"Also... the Hidden? Couldn't that be something even you don't want to know?"The following content contains spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

Kagi-P Arc

The protagonist quickly awakens to the realities of Mobius after realizing that Kagi-P was both the third year and first year representative. After running off, they meet µ and she asks them what would make them stay in Mobius. Three options are given, but nothing changes the story. Aria quickly appears and she scares µ off, which causes the Digiheads roused by her song to chase down Aria and the protagonist. They quickly run into Shogo Satake, who headbutts the protagonist to calm them down. Aria gives the protagonist the power of the Catharsis Effect after asking them about their trauma, which manifests as two guns.

After the first battle, Shogo takes the protagonist to the Go-Home Club and introduces them and Aria to the rest of the club, which at this point in time includes Kotono Kashiwaba, Kotaro Tomoe, Mifue Shinohara, and Suzuna Kagura.

After discovering that Aria can grant them the power to fight, she tells them that they should go after the Ostinato Musicians. Peter Pan Syndrome, Kagi-P's song, starts playing soon after. As the club begins moving, they run into Izuru Minezawa, who asks the club to leave him alone and that he'll find his own way home. Soon after, the club meets Naruko Morita, who is looking for a scoop on the Go-Home Club. She agrees to take them to Kagi-P in exchange for more information on them.Shogo then splits off the club into two teams to search for Kagi-P. The protagonist goes with Kotono and Shogo with Naruko, while Kotaro, Mifue, and Suzuna head off in another direction. This is also where the club first runs into Marie Mizuguchi, who asks them to become friends with Naruko if they can.

While they're moving, Kotono quickly gets nabbed by Digiheads and she is almost taken out, but Shogo quickly awakens to his Catharsis Effect, which takes the form of a large revolver, and he and the protagonist manage to save her. Kotono then realizes the criteria for a Catharsis Effect, and manages to forcibly awaken herself by thinking of something that emotionally overloads her to the point that her shell breaks. Her Catharsis Effect takes the form of a bow.

Naruko then leads them to the class she believes Kagi-P is in, but Kagi-P is not there. She freaks out for a moment, but she reveals Kagi-P's true name after the club stops believing her. Kagi-P's name is Kensuke Hibiki. They figure out that he is in 1-1 instead of 3-4 from there, and head downstairs and wait for the rest of the club.

Once the club is reunited, they head into 1-1. Kagi-P then begins speaking on the intercom, and someone remarks that he must be in the broadcast room. He then puts up the club's faces on the screens in the rooms, and says that the Go-Home Club must be stopped. Kotaro Tomoe tries to protect everyone, and he quickly awakens to his own Catharsis Effect, a pair of gauntlets. It's revealed then that Naruko put their faces up on Gossiper and revealed them to the Musicians, and they berate her for that. Then, they head up to the Broadcast Room.

The broadcast room is Kagi-P's true domain. It's a winding mess of corridors that takes them through their paces. Eventually, after defeating some digiheads, the club can finally take on Kagi-P.

Kagi-P has a breakdown, he begins screaming about how he things the Go-Home Club are all idiots and that he can't believe anyone would want to leave Mobius. They fight, and Kagi-P loses.

After his loss, however, he actually betrays the Musicians. He realizes that he's not happy here, and snaps out of his rage. He asks to join the Go-Home Club, and then he quickly awakens to his own Catharsis Effect, a claymore, after digiheads are sent to take him back to the Musicians.

Sweet-P arc

After Mifue Shinohara volunteers to be the one to infiltrate Sweet-P's tea party from the information Kensuke had on her, the Go-Home Club prepares to head to Papiko. Once the club finds the route necessary to take, the group spilts up to gather more information to where Mifue tags along with The Protagonist. Running into a group of students and one of Sweet-P's allies, Rose, Mifue starts to observe Rose and questions how someone like her, who is on the bigger side, is considered cute and popular, while Aria flat out calls Rose a big girl. Spotted by a group of Digiheads who are ready to turn them in, Mifue questions the guys asking if they're into that type of girl, referring to Rose. Revealing her to be a Flower Princess, the guys praise her and Sweet-P and say weren't used to her shape but got used to it and now admire it. This strikes a chord in Mifue, stating that it's an unattractive appearance and claims she can't stay in Mobius. Aria picks up on Mifue's attitude change and the guys prepare to attack after hearing her remark. Mifue's shell starts to break and Aria is now able to tune Mifue's heart and awakens her Catharsis Effect, a hammer. Mifue is surprised by her Catharsis Effect and prepares to fight alongside The Protagonist.

Feeling a weight off her shoulders, Mifue states she felt good fighting but claims her new form isn't cute and asks how she'll eat due to her Catharsis Effect covering her mouth. The club reconvenes and realizes that Mifue can now fight and reveals they must find the Flower Princesses in order to get to Sweet-P despite not feeling up to the task. After discussing heading to the March Hare, a student approaches the Go-Home Club and tells them where the March Hare is in exchange to know what is discusses in Sweet-P's tea party. Without an invitation to the tea party, Mifue is turned away unless she can receive approval from the Flower Princesses after performing a number of tests.

Once the Go-Home Club locates one of the Flower Princesses, Rose, they start to judge her appearance harshly. Mifue quickly takes it too far with sudden harsh remarks to the point where Suzuna and Aria question her sudden attitude change. Playing up the part of a dreamy-cute novice to get Rose's approval, Mifue talks to Rose to prove to her that she can be dreamy-cute by performing a fetch quest to buy a dreamy cute item to give to Rose, specifically a dreamy-cute pastry from the sweets clerk. Rose then reveals Mifue must find Lily who is more strict when it comes to the approval and send her on her way with the Rose Print Cloth. Suzuna praises Mifue on getting the recommendation to where Mifue's annoyance start to seep out but quickly hides it with high energy and motivation.

After locating the second Flower Princess, Lily, the Go-Home Club compare Lily to Rose and once again start to judge her based on her appearance of being a big girl. Mifue loses her temper and once again takes it extremely far with the insults again to where Kensuke now points it out and asks the Protagonist if they know anything about Mifue's behavior to where they respond that they don't know anything. Lily appears to be cutthroat with Mifue to where Mifue pretends to be cute-sad in order for Lily to show pity and give her a chance for the recommendation by defeating the Four Heavenly Kings that hang out around Papiko to prove that she has strength fit for a princess. Lily praises Mifue's efforts and reveals the final Flower Princess is a girl named Iris and obtains the Lily Print Cloth. Kotono praises Mifue on doing a good job, but Mifue seemed troubled. She quickly bounces back up reassuring the club that she's alright and heads off. The club discusses if she's ok but Shogo suggests she got this far and continues the search.

Finding the last Flower Princess, Iris, the Go-Home Club comments that they have one more recommendation to go. Mifue, on the other hand, continues the insults, showing her disgust for fat people. Iris questions if Mifue is worthy of attending the tea party to where Mifue replies with a fake cutesy response, and Iris presents the final test. Mifue must locate a girl in Papiko and help her out with a problem. They find a girl named Tsubaki who to find a "Happy Doll" to get over her negativity and invite her to the party to find this item. This is when Causality Link is properly unlocked and you are now able to do Causality Link quests. Aria reveals it's alright to bring along someone who doesn't have the Catharsis Effect, as she can tune their hearts to use their Digihead power. After finding the "Happy Doll" for Tsubaki, Mifue reports back to Iris who reveals in a gossipy manner Sweet-P's real name being Shizuka. Iris feels guilty revealing that but decides it's ok for them to know if they keep it a secret, to which Mifue claims to not want to know their secrets under her breath, which Suzuna catches. Mifue pretends the gossipy act and Iris reveals Sweet-P's real full name being Shizuka Nijoin and praises her name and music and hands her the Iris Print Cloth. Mifue remarks that her name sounds really cute.

Finally having all the recommendations, the Go-Home Club worries for Mifue but Mifue shoots down the worrying, claiming she's alright. Mifue notices Naruko following them and calls her over for being knowledgable on rumors and the internet and insists on getting her to get details on Sweet-P. Naruko reveals the same info on Sweet-P the club knows except that Sweet-P is cute and small which catches Mifue by surprise assuming she was fat like the Flower Princesses which excites Mifue. She tells Naruko Sweet-P's real name to which Naruko remembers the name as a regular who eats at Saburo's ramen shop which conflicts with the info they have, causing Naruko to think the name may be a coincidence. Trying to locate a picture she took of him, Naruko realizes she doesn't have access to the internet, to where Aria recovers Naruko's deleted data by explaining that Mobius has a firewall that isolates it from the real world so people wouldn't mix memories and quickly realize Mobius is fake.

Aria disables a part of that firewall on Naruko's phone, giving her access to the info and data she had in reality prior to entering Mobius. Naruko finds the picture of Sweet-P's appearance in reality, causing the Go-Home Club to realize the appearance of those in Mobius aren't the same with how people look in reality, causing some members to claim they look the same in Mobius as they do in reality. Kensuke then asks Naruko to search for info on Wicked but other than just the name, Naruko has nothing to reveal and this piques her curiosity. Kensuke quickly fabricates a lie saying Wicked is holding on concert to get Naruko get out of the way for when they meet Sweet-P at the March Hare, and then agrees that they'll meet up later as she knows he's the rumored Kagi-P.

Now entering the March Hare, the Go-Home Club makes their way to the secret tea party in where Mifue is set to crash and get info. They are advised by Shogo to do it peacefully, but Kensuke suggests to threaten Sweet-P with the information that they have on her identity. Feeling uneasy about going in alone, Mifue asks the Protagonist to come with her. Rose claims that Mifue will score more cute points since it looks like she's a girl in love to where Mifue acts up the part, exclaiming that she would die if she was away from him for too long. Rose gets approval from Sweet-P for the Male Protagonist to join due to Mifue's obessive fear of leaving him, and they head in before Rose and Sweet-P change their minds.

Mifue and the Protagonist meet Sweet-P inside the secret tea party and whispers that Sweet-P might not know that Naruko posted Sweet-P's reality identity online. Sweet-P asks for their names only for Mifue to almost blow their cover and calls herself Fumie. The Princesses laugh and Sweet-P says that they need fairy names in order to attend the party. Aria suggests a similar naming theme to the Princesses, so Mifue goes by Sunflower, claiming she loves sunflowers, thus commencing the tea party to start. The Flower Princesses lose all table manners and start to scarf down the food, shocking Mifue. Sweet-P claims they must have been hungry as they get more vulgar eating the food. Mifue feels incredibly uncomfortable and once Sweet-P suggests she eat, Mifue loses her temper.

Yelling at the girls with disgust, Mifue's true colors begin to show, claiming she is disgusted by fat people and hates them thinking they cause everyone they're around trouble. From mindlessly eating food to wearing clothes that don't fit, she claims people make fun of them and make her sick. Sweet-P retaliates by asking Mifue by her real name if she's fat in reality. Mifue denies that and is caught off guard hearing Sweet-P say her name, revealing that Sweet-P knew they were rogues from the start and just played along. Digging deeper into Mifue's outbursts, Sweet-P claims Mifue is like the Princesses, hence her nasty remarks and tempts her to stay in Mobius to remain cute and eat all she wants. Frustrated with Sweet-P, Mifue reveals her reality identity, which catches Sweet-P's attention, making her lose her cute composure and causing the Princesses to worry about her.

Sweet-P, in a panic, is wondering how she knows her identity, thinking Mobius can erase that info. Sweet-P and Mifue are at each other's throats at this point until the rest of the Go-Home Club crash the party. Sweet-P collects herself and claims she can't let the Go-Home Club leave alive knowing her true identity before going back to her rage.

Once Sweet-P is defeated, she states that she will never leave Mobius even if it's fake due to not being able to survive anywhere else and escapes. The Go-Home Club mulls over the fact that they got no information on μ's whereabouts, and then the Flower Princesses begin sobbing and apologizing despite not knowing why and Mifue joins them crying and apologizes to them, realizing that the Princesses did nothing wrong to her at all and that her attitude towards them was uncalled for which makes Kotono wonder what is it in reality that made Mifue act this way towards them in the first place. After wondering where to go next, they leave the tea party.

Naruko joins the club after this arc, saying that she's realized that their bodies in reality are comatose and that the longer they stay here, the more likely it is they'll die in reality. The rest of the club also realizes this, and they let her join because while she screwed them over during the Kagi-P arc, she's still very valuable.

Shonen-Doll arc

They soon enter the library, which Suzuna says she enjoyed before realizing Mobius wasn't reality. The library, playing Shonen-Doll's song, Originality Incident, is a twisted maze, and soon the club gets separated by Shonen-Doll messing with the bookcases. He says that those who cannot do anything alone will never escape. Thus begins the protagonist's mission to reunite the club.

The protagonist and Aria move through the maze, fighting digiheads along the way. They soon find out that each club member is locked behind a door with a trivia question that is tailored to the club member behind the door. The first person they reunite with is Suzuna, who is incredibly freaked out as someone she knows, Ai-chan, has turned into a doll. Shonen-Doll's voice echoes through the room, and he says the books here reflect the heart of the reader, and if they cannot answer the questions the book poses, they're turned into a doll. Suzuna freaks out because she knew Ai in reality, and she doesn't want to lose contact with her again. Ai and Suzuna were friends in middle school, but they lost contact after they went to different high schools. Suzuna's haywire emotions cause Aria to be able to tune her heart, and Suzuna awakens to her Catharsis Effect, which takes the form of a spear.

Suzuna and the protagonist make their way through the library, and soon run into Kotaro, who has turned into a doll. Luckily for him, he wasn't turned into a doll too long ago, so Aria's power was enough to return him to normal, and he rejoins the party. Shonen-Doll screams at them for this, telling them to stop doing as they please, while Aria fires back by saying that she created half of Mobius, so she could say the same to him.

The next person to return to the party is Shogo. He's perfectly fine, but behind him is Izuru, who has been turned into a doll. Aria's power isn't strong enough to help him, as it's been too long since he's been transformed. Shogo, Kotaro, Suzuna, and the Protagonist are forced to leave him behind. Shogo remarks that he's surprised Kotaro hasn't turned into a doll, but Aria chimes in, saying that she turned him back.

A little while later, the Go-Home Club group chat gets pinged by Naruko. She asks if they're actually looking for her, or they're planning to leave her behind. Aria chimes in saying that they are looking for her and that she should trust her a little, and Naruko says to hurry up. It's clear that she's beginning to spiral anxiously, and they need to hurry up and find her.

They do find Naruko soon after that, but her emotional state seems to only have gotten worse, and she has a breakdown. Aria quickly reaches her, and manages to tune her heart just in time to prevent her from turning into a digihead by awakening her Catharsis Effect, which takes the form of a pair of Orbitars. Shonen-Doll chimes in again about how the Go-Home Club cannot just do as they please in his library.

The next person to be found is Kotono, who is relieved that she has finally been found. She says that she had almost given up hope at that point. Shogo says that Mifue and Kensuke are the only club members that remain, and Kotono also questions as to why Kotaro isn't a doll, and Aria begins to get annoyed at this question. Shonen-Doll yells again, and Kotono taunts him to come out and face them.

The second to last person to be found is Kensuke, who remarks that he was getting tired of waiting. Suzuna remarks that Mifue's the only one left to find, and Kensuke adds that he's surprised that Kotaro hasn't turned into a doll, and jokes that he was looking forward to seeing it. Aria yells at him that she already turned him back, and Kensuke is surprised that she's so angry, while Kotono giggles and says they were all thinking the same thing. Suzuna asks Kensuke if he has any insight into Shonen-Doll's behavior, but Kensuke simply states that he wasn't easy to communicate with and all he knows about him are from his songs. Shonen-Doll calls him a traitor and says he can't do anything without following the crowd, and Kensuke teases him by saying he was sorry about the betrayal but it seemed more fun to side with the Go-Home Club.

Last but certainly not least, Mifue is found, and she says that she's hungry and wants to get something to eat once they leave the library. Shogo says that everyone's back together, and now it's time to fight Shonen-Doll. Aria cuts off Mifue before she can ask about Kotaro, and Shonen-Doll tells them to stop and that they'll regret it if they come any closer.

Finally, they get to Shonen-Doll's room, and it's time to fight him. His room is very clearly the room of a shut-in, and it's almost painful to look at. Shonen-Doll yells about his sanctuary being polluted, and saying that he hates the Go-Home Club for being "Normie Scum." However, Suzuna has figured out why Shonen-Doll does what he does. He's desperately lonely and craves companionship, but he doesn't believe that anyone cares about him. He stitches the dolls' mouths shut so they can't talk to him, he puts nails in their eyes so they can't look at him, and he crushes their ears because he believes that they won't listen to what he has to say. He screams after she speaks, and refuses to listen to her. He threatens to do all this to the club while they're still alive, and the fight begins.

After the fight, he begins apologizing with his tail between his legs, and Suzuna asks him to not be scared and says that she wants to eat with him in reality. The rest of the club agrees to eat with him, and Shonen-Doll agrees after a few moments, and they all leave him in his library after he reveals that they're holding an event at Sea Paraiso.

Izuru joins after this arc, quickly realizing that with the Catharsis Effect it would be much easier to return home, and they head to the aquarium without much delay.

Mirei arc

The club enters the aquarium, and Izuru questions why he hasn't been given the power to fight yet. Aria explains that you need an emotional rush to awaken, and Izuru believes that he has no emotions. The digiheads quickly attack them, and Izuru is told to stay back, but a digihead comes at him from behind and he is hit directly in the face. Aria remarks that it's strange that his face isn't marked, and Izuru immediately has an emotional overload after that. Aria tunes his heart, and his Catharsis Effect takes the form of a sword. He's the final party member to awaken, so there are no new characters from here on out.

Once they enter the aquarium, the club quickly sees a man trapped in one of the aquarium tanks. Kotono recognizes him as Ryosuke, but she refuses to specify her relation to him. The tank quickly begins to fill up with water, and Mirei and Toshizo appear. Mirei begins to laugh at Kotono, saying how Ryosuke is her boyfriend. Kotono continues to insist that Ryosuke is nothing to her, and as Mirei continues to push, she goes off. Kotono accurately hits every single one of Mirei's insecurities, and Mirei gets pissed.

So Mirei offers a competition to see who is the more beautiful between the two of them, and if Mirei wins, she'll turn them into Digiheads, but if she loses, she'll release Ryosuke. They'll both campaign for votes, and the gameplay of the arc begins. The club has to track down three curators of beauty to receive their votes, and hand out ballots to random students along the way.

The three curators of beauty are all masochists, and they ask Kotono to do things like look upon them with disgust, step on them, and degrade them. The correct thing to do here is to tell Kotono to do the nicest option of the three, and she will attempt to do so, but as the curators piss her off, she will do exactly what they want and then they'll vote for her as they believe her to be superior to Mirei.

After Kotono wins, she dedicates her victory to Takkun. Mirei will go back on her deal and she will be fought, losing to the club, and she will run off. Toshizo states that the water has already been turned off and Ryosuke is free, and they go to check on him. Kotono hits him once they meet him, and once again refuses to explain her viceral violent reaction towards him, and they move on.

Ike-P arc

The club quickly runs into Ike-P during a surprise concert, and Izuru recognizes him as Tomoya Koike, one of his classmates. Ike-P and μ run off to Papiko after the concert, and the club follows the two of them.

Once they reach Papiko, Ike-P that this was his plan, and quickly reveals that he's wildly jealous of Izuru for being effortlessly handsome. He runs off with μ, and the club chases after them.

There's only one issue. The Flower Princesses. Ike-P has brainwashed them to the point where even the Catharsis Effect can't bring the three of them back to sanity. They're after Izuru, and so they have to keep running away and running into shops to get away from them.

To get them off their backs, Kotaro manages to come up with a plan. He has Suzuna scream that there's an all-you-can-eat sweets buffet in the food court, and the Princesses get distracted and run off towards the food court. Now that they're free to go about as they please, they can finally find Ike-P.

They reach Ike-P's favorite store, Men's Fist, according to some information they got, and it turns out that Ike-P actually works there in reality. Naruko manages to find his resume, and sees a picture of him in reality. Ike-P is nowhere near as handsome, and has a large head, and is incredibly insecure about that.

They manage to track him down after that, and he's with a couple of fangirls and μ. Naruko scares off the fangirls with the picture of him in reality, and they assume he's had plastic surgery. They run off, and Ike-P gets incredibly upset. He tells μ to get out of here, and she begs him to not fight before flying away. Ike-P has his breakdown, and the fight begins.

Once the boss fight ends, he tells Izuru that he could never understand what it's like to be ugly in reality, and how he doesn't appreciate being handsome. Izuru then asks Aria to let Ike-P see his face in reality for a few seconds, and Ike-P looks shocked. To Izuru, looks have been nothing but a curse. To Ike-P, they're everything. After this, Ike-P reveals that the next place μ would go would be Landmark Tower, as Shadow Knife is her de-facto bodyguard.

Shadow Knife arc

The Shadow Knife arc is where the game starts ramping up for the ending. The club enters Landmark Tower, much to Shogo’s chagrin.

Soon, Shadow Knife’s song, sin, begins playing throughout the tower, and Aria remarks that this isn’t a recording. µ’s here. Shadow Knife appears in front of everyone, and manages to freeze almost everyone in place with his Shadow-Stitching ability. Kotaro Tomoe and the Protagonist are left free, and they take down Shadow Knife and release the rest of the club. Shadow Knife laughs and reveals that they just took down a body double, and taunts the club.

Shadow Knife is on the rooftop, so they need to get there. They try to take the elevator, but it stops them on one of the floors. They need to find a keycard with administrative access, and then another elevator to take them to the rooftop. Along the way, the club manages to find out that Shadow Knife’s lackeys have been bullying students. They tied a student to a pillar and left him there as he screamed for help, forced another student to eat moldy food, and put a third student in a locker as they kicked and hit it. Student #3 reveals that Shadow Knife’s real name is Daiki Yamada, and that the reason he went after all of them is because they either actively bullied him or stood by and watched as he was bullied. Kotaro takes offense to this, and tells the third student to leave or he’ll punch him out.

Soon, they reach the rooftop with µ and Shadow Knife. Shadow Knife and Kotaro debate the meaning of justice, with Shadow Knife believing that Kotaro is just another bully because of how he looks in Mobius. µ goes absolutely insane, believing that the protagonist is the sole reason Aria betrayed her and attempts to rip them limb from limb. Shogo freezes, having flashbacks to a woman that looks like Thorn falling off Landmark Tower. Thorn shows up and stops µ, and she puts the protagonist down. They leave, and the Shadow Knife fight begins.

Shadow Knife goes down, and he backs up as he laughs. Kotaro attempts to warn him that he’s getting too close to the edge, but he falls off and dies.

At this point, Aria realizes that µ is too far gone to be reasoned with. She has no idea what to do from here. Kotaro gets upset, and emotions begin to run high. Kotaro asks Shogo what his relationship with Thorn is, and he stumbles over himself while Kotono says that everyone should just take some time to cool off and they could meet up later.

Soon after, the Protagonist gets a WIRE message from Naruko. She says she’s scared of dying and fears that there’s no other way out of Mobius. The game then waits for you to enter the school (Not the clubroom, the school) to begin the Wicked arc.

Wicked arc

Thorn arc




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