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A-Ah... I'm Suzuna Kagura... I recently graduated and started my first year here, just like Mifue-chan...
— Suzuna Kagura

Suzuna Kagura is a first-year student at Kishimai High School and a member of the Go-Home Club.


Suzuna has brown hair arranged into bangs to either side of her face and a bun, as well as a similarly-colored headband that is tucked behind her ears. She has brown eyes. She wears the school jacket and emblem, however, her undershirt has frilled edges on the top half of its placket and she wears a big green bow with white flower outlines on it. She also wears a long black knee-length skirt, which splits on her right side, as well as a black belt. She wears the school shoes with long black knee-length socks that have a single white stripe near their tops.

Her Catharsis Effect's weapon takes the appearance of a long grey-handled spear with a white arrowhead-like shape. The top part of the spear's handle is black, as well as the small spear connecting the two parts of the spear's head. The end of the spear has a white attachment that resembles a flower bud on the end of it. The hole in the middle has a flower symbol imposed inside it. Her Catharsis Effect item is a large witch's hat, the brim large enough to hide Suzuna's eyes. It has an anchor-like accessory at its tip, a small silver bell mounted on the brim, and a large white flower on its top. Unlike the other Catharsis Effects, there is no blackened skin/outfit modification that occurs.


Suzuna is a shy, soft-spoken girl. In conversation, she often stutters, especially when flustered. However, she cares a lot for her friends and when they are threatened, she can grow incredibly determined. As shown in the anime, she can also be quite talkative to her friends and talking about her interests. Whenever Suzuna is excited or scared, she can get incredibly loud.



Kagi-P Arc

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Sweet-P Arc

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Stork Arc (Overdose)

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Kishimai High School Arc (Overdose, Musician Only)

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Shonen-Doll Arc

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Miyabi Hot Springs Arc (Overdose, Musician Only)

Suzuna is paired up with Naruko once the Go-Home Club agrees to set up an ambush in the Miyabi Hot Springs after defeating Shonen-Doll. Once arriving, Suzuna informs Naruko that the Musicians have arrived once their music starts playing, only to realize that Naruko is nowhere to be found.

Trying to find Naruko, she enters the women’s bath area and hears her snapping shots of the boujee statue. She warns her that Musicians are here before being told that the other members will handle it and that they should past the time by jumping in the bath and taking pictures of themselves to post online.

Freaked out by Naruko’s idea, she declines but doesn’t convince her whatsoever. Startled after hearing yelling in the locker room, the girls start listening to the bickering that’s going on. After seeing the Musician group, she asks Shonen-Doll what he’s doing before being interrupted by Shonen-Doll and Naruko arguing with each other, breaking into a fight once Aria arrives to help them go through the Catharsis Effect Overdose. After being defeated, she catches up with Aria and Naruko who already left before telling Shonen-Doll to stay safe.

Catharsis Effect

Suzuna is one of the more well-rounded characters in the party, being able to perform aerial attacks, break guards, and play amazing support (being one of the few units who can revive party members, the other two being Kotono and Ayana) all while having the wide range of area attacks to do so. The only problem is that since she only has Rush Skills, she must always approach the enemy with her weak HP and Defense, so most of the team setup and combos must keep this in mind, although her Evasion stat somewhat makes up for this. With the right setup and while having a good Accuracy and Critical stat, once a combo starts going, Suzuna can become a destructive force. Here are her Catharsis Effect Skills and Support Skills.

Catharsis Effect

  • Black Spear
    • Must fill the Stress Meter
    • Uses 0 SP
    • Power 770
    • Attack Skill Level 3 / Defense Skill Level 3
    • Hit 1
    • [Overdose Skill] Plunge a cursed spear into the ground, releasing its energy from the ground to pierce victims.
  • Subtle Lancer
    • Requires 8 Skills Points to upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 45 SP in first phase, 36 SP in second phase, 22 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 30  >  Level 2: Power 34  >  Level 3: Power 39
    • Attack Skill Level 1 / Defense Skill Level 1
    • Hit 8
    • Deliver a sequence of thrusts with long reach.
  • Aerial Rave
    • Requires 8 Skills Points to upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 75 SP in first phase, 60 SP in second phase, 37 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 20  > Level 2: Power 23  > Level 3: Power 26
    • Attack Skill Level 2 / Defense Skill Level 1
    • Hit 11
    • Perform a graceful aerial dance against airborne enemies.
  • Striking Pierce
    • Requires 12 Skills Points to upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 60 SP in first phase, 48 SP in second phase, 30 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 230  >  Level 2: Power 264  > Level 3: Power 299
    • Attack Skill Level 2 / Defense Skill Level 2
    • Hit 1
    • Obliterate an enemy's guard with a stab. If the guard break succeeds, triggers Lunar Shadow.
  • Variant Stinger
    • Requires 16 Skills Points and reach Level xx to unlock and upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 40 SP in first phase, 32 SP in second phase, 20 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 130  > Level 2: Power 149  > Level 3: Power 169
    • Attack Skill Level 3 / Defense Skill Level 1
    • Hit 2
    • Quickly counter an enemy attack with a chance to inflict Paralysis.
  • Lunar Shadow
    • Requires 12 Skills Points and reach Level xx to unlock and upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 0 SP in first phase, 0 SP in second phase, 0 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 40  > Level 2: Power 46  > Level 3: Power 52
    • Attack Skill Level 1 / Defense Skill Level 1
    • Hit 6
    • Spin your spear and launch the enemy. It has a low attack level, requiring a tactful approach to launching enemies.
  • Fractal Splitter
    • Requires 48 Skill Points and complete Suzuna's Character Episode to unlock and upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 170 SP in first phase, 136 SP in second phase, 85 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 250  >  Level 2: Power 287  >  Level 3: Power 325
    • Attack Skill Level 2 / Defense Skill Level 2
    • Hit 1
    • A beautiful multi-stage attack that triggers an Ultimate skill when striking airborne enemies, and an additional follow-up if the enemy is in Risk Break.
    • Triggers "Brilliant Glimmer", Suzuna's Ultimate Skill, a Rush Skill requiring a backflip slash to reposition before charging in with multiple thrusts followed by an upward slash with a massive area of attack. Hits 7 times. Triggers "Fairy Dance" if the enemy is in Risk Break when Brilliant Glimmer is used. 
    • Fairy Dance, a Rush Skill that is functions has a stronger version of Aerial Rave. Hits 10 times.  

Support (Exclusive Skills)

  • Resurrection Arc
    • Requires 32 Skill Points to unlock
    • Uses 120 SP in first phase, 96 SP second phase, 60 SP third phase
    • Revive a defeated ally and restore a large amount of HP.
  • Wallflower
    • Requires 12 Skill Points to unlock
    • Uses 40 SP in first phase, 32 SP in second phase, 20 SP in third phase
    • Increase your Evasion and Turn Cooldown for a time.
  • Greed Discord
    • Requires 32 Skill Points to unlock
    • Uses 160 SP in first phase, 128 SP second phase, 80 SP third phase
    • Grants allies in an area drastically increased Accuracy for a time.


  • The name Suzuna means "bell" (鈴) (suzu) and "apple tree" (奈) (na).
  • Suzuna's surname Kagura means "ancient Shinto music and dancing" (神楽).


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