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I know what to do! Let democracy run its course-- we shall decide by way of a vote!
— Shota Tsurumaki

A third year senior high school student from Tatefushi Academy. A stubborn and straight-laced discipline committee member who values the rules above all else. Although he has a strong sense of responsibility and a just personality, he can be unreliable and blindly follow others, avoiding making the final decision himself such as by proposing a majority vote.




SpoilerNotice.png"Also... the Hidden? Couldn't that be something even you don't want to know?"
The following content contains spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

"Also... the Hidden? Couldn't that be something even you don't want to know?"The following content contains spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

Shota was a rising star in the police force. His life was going amazing, he was engaged to be married, his job was going well, but he now believes he had one fatal flaw. He was incredibly impulsive and wild in his younger days. And because of that, it all changed one day.

A suspect had a child hostage. Shota was the only officer on the scene at the time, and he didn't have time to waste. He made the decision to shoot at the suspect's feet, just to scare him. The bullet ricocheted into the suspect's skull, killing him instantly. The trauma made Shota withdraw from everyone in his life, including his fiancée, who was a lawyer. Their relationship was already tough because of their conflicting jobs, but staying with him would have been career suicide, and she left him.

Eventually, he ended up fired and he no longer trusted in his own sense of justice, believing that it had gone awry, and that now he must obey every single rule laid out for him because in his mind, his judgement cannot be trusted.

He ended up in Redo, and became the head of the disciplinary committee. As a massive stickler for the rules, he excelled in this position. He eventually joined the second-generation Go-Home Club after awakening to his Catharsis Effect in Pandora's garden.

In his character episodes, he eventually reveals his trauma to the protagonist and finally realizes that some impulsiveness can be a good thing, and there was no guarantee that things wouldn't have turned out worse if he hadn't taken that shot.

Catharsis Effect

Shota's flower is the holly. According to Takuya Yamanaka, the holly in Japanese flower language stands for "watchfulness" (用心深さ), "welcome" (歓迎), and "I'll protect you" (あなたを護る).[1]

Catharsis Effect

  • 絶対粛清
    • Must fill the Stress Meter
  • 心眼突き
  • 捕縛術
  • 不意打ち
  • 弦量打ち
  • 反転確保
  • 武力制
  • 衝角突き



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