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You, too, shall become puppets and spend the entire year here... Hehehe!
— Shonen-Doll

Shonen-Doll is an Ostinato Musician who writes songs to µ.


In Mobius his chosen avatar appears to be a human sized puppet/mannequin with dirty blond hair, clothed in a hooded ragged cloak. his appearance while disguised, appears to be a young high school aged boy with light violet eyes ,wearing a light-caramel colored hoodie with diamonds over to typical school uniform of Mobius high school.

Shonen Doll Anime.jpg


He has been shown to be a loner both by nature and by choice and yet also displays the desire for both companionship and friendship ,but yet still has a strong fear/insecurities of being abandoned and rejected by people and as such chooses to be alone rather than take those risks of being rejected and hurt, he has also shown a strong love for books specifically fantasy novel genre's like the Lord Of the Rings books and he is also romantic, seeing from his interactions and speech patterns when interacting/conversing with Suzuna Kagura in the anime.


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