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Papiko is a location with the aesthetic of a large shopping centre or district.

It is the second location the Go-Home club visits. The Musician that is fought here is Sweet-P


Caligula Overdose

The Go-Home club decides to get Mifue to go to Sweet-P's tea party. The team has to get the Flower Princess' recommendations to get in. To do so, they have to pass Rose's, Lily's and Iris' tests and receive their flower print cloths.


Foodcourt 1F

NPC: Swordsmith

Enigma: Happy Doll, One-Armed Bear, Floral Handkerchief

General Goods Area 1F

NPC: Con Artist, Makeup Clerk, Stationery Clerk, Dessert Clerk, Plush Clerk, Clothing Store Clerk, Purse Clerk, Shady Dealer

Enigma: Mysterious Password, Stain of Fear, Keyhole in Concrete

Women's Area 1F

Enigma: Gallon Alpha, Voice Recorder

Men's Area 1F

NPCs: Pick-Up Artist

Enigma: Broken Pocket Watch

Boy's Area 1F

Dinner Area 2F

Connects: Casual Area 3F

NPC: Doubtful Stall Vendor

Relaxation Area 1F

NPC: Fortune-Teller

Casual Area 3F

Connects: Dinner Area 2F, Fashion Area 4F

Fashion Area 4F

Connects: Rooftop, Casual Area 3F