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Mifue Shinohara

Mifue Shinohara Catharsis

Kanji 篠原 美笛
Romaji shinohara mifue
Alias Sunflower (Sweet-P's tea party)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Age 16 (Mobius)
17 (True Age)
Height 156cm
Birthday April 20
Occupation 1st year High school student (Mobius) 2nd year High school student (Real life)
Class 1-3
Affiliation Go-Home Club
Status Alive
Weapon Hammer
Relatives Mother, Older Brother
Appears in The Caligula Effect
Voice Rie Takahashi
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I'll help, too! The food here is delicious, and Mobius is a fun place... But we have to go home!
— Mifue Shinohara

Mifue Shinohara is a 1st year student and a member of the Go-Home Club.


Mifue has short, brown hair and large, brown eyes. She is the second shortest in the Go-home-club with Naruko being the first. She's seems very skinny compared to her other female members, which may relate to her purpose for coming to Mobius.


it was first shown that Mifue has a very tomboy personality, she's shown to be easily irritated, annoyed and angered, she also has a strong love of food and eating and enjoys having good meals, however despite this she is also extremely insecure about her figure and weight with it even turning into a sever phobia of becoming fat and overweight to the point that she admitted too starving herself until she was hospitalized in the real world.


In the real world when she was young,she was constantly teased by her classmates about her mothers large figure and weight, with them even teasing her that she may become fat like her mother in the future, this planted and eventually caused her to develop a phobia of food and eating and giving her deep insecurities regarding her figure and weight, this caused her to outright refuse to eat, choosing to starve herself to stay thin which then weakened her body to the point that it landed her in the hospital where she remained until she was contacted by Mu and was brought to Mobius.


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