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Kanji 梔子
Romaji kuchinashi
yumino kurumi
Alias Kurumi Yumino
No Mouth (Eiji Biwasaka)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Class 2-7
Affiliation Ostinato Musicians
Status Alive
Weapon Stun Gun
Appears in Caligula Overdose
Produced by Pinocchio-P
Theme Onboro
Voice Himika Akaneya
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Even if I have to die, I won't allow the Go-Home Club return to reality...I will do anything for that.
— Kuchinashi

Kuchinashi (梔子; kuchinashi) is a lethargic female member of the Ostinato Musicians, who writes songs to μ. She uses a special device, that appears to be a gas mask to speak, never using her real voice. Always tense, she keeps to herself usually, even among the rest of the Musicians.


Kuchinashi is a fairly short woman with black and white hair with the lower half of her face covered by a gas mask. She wears a silver jacket with a blue interior over a short with tears at the end and black shorts. She wears black sneakers with white soles with straps and blue socks.


Kuchinashi is one of the more quiet members of the Musicians, but like the rest she believes that Mobius is a paradise for those who are rejected by reality. She also has a fierce dedication, fueled by her intense hatred towards Eiji Biwasaka, claiming that, even if she has to die, she won't allow the Go-Home Club to return to the real world.


Kuchinashi, alongside Stork, are introduced as new members of the Ostinato Musicians in Overdose.

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