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Kotono Kashiwaba

Kotono Kashiwaba Catharsis

Kanji 柏葉 琴乃
Romaji kashiwaba kotono
Physical Description
Gender Female
Age 18 (Mobius)
23 (Reality)
Height 167cm
Birthday October 22
Occupation Supermarket worker/Bartender
Class 3-3
Affiliation Go-Home Club
Status Alive
Weapon Bow
Flower Cosmos (Maiden's sincerity)
Nemophila (Success)
Relatives Unnamed mother
Tokiko Chiba (aunt)
Takkun (son)
Appears in The Caligula Effect
Caligula Overdose
Voice Rie Murakawa
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Hmm... You must be my prince, right? Just kidding! I'll be counting on you, though!
— Kotono Kashiwaba

Kotono Kashiwaba is a 3rd year student and a member of the Go-Home Club.




In the real world, Kotono is actually a single mother with a son named Tak-kun. Her ex-boyfriend accidentally impregnated her in high school and left soon after, forcing her to look after Tak-kun by herself. The event itself made her somewhat misandrist, neglecting and even physically abusing Tak-kun for being male. The exact detail regarding her entry into Mobius are unknown, but it is presumed that at some point, she heard one of μ's songs and was taken


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