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Kotaro Tomoe

Kotaro Tomoe Catharsis

Kanji 巴 鼓太郎
Romaji tomoe kotarou
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 18 (Mobius)
14 (Reality)
Affiliation Go-Home Club
Status Alive (Go-Home Route)
Deceased (Ostinato Route)
Weapon Gauntlets
Relatives Unnamed mother (deceased)
Unnamed father (deceased)
Unnamed uncle
Yuto Yamazaki (cousin)
Appears in The Caligula Effect
Voice Yoshimasa Hosoya
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You can relax now that you joined the Go-Home Club! Ol' Kotaro Tomoe will keep you safe!
— Kotaro Tomoe

Kotaro Tomoe is a member of the Go-Home Club.




Kotaro's father was once a rescue worker, and Kotaro, idolizing him, wanted to become one himself. However, he had self-esteem issues stemming from a small and weak body. Later on, both his parents died, leaving Kotaro to live with an abusive uncle and a cousin who bullied him constantly. One day, he heard one of μ's songs and felt like he was being cheered on, a feeling that soon led him to Mobius, where he could have the large and tough body he never had in reality.

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