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I'll search for my own way home... Leave me be.
— Izuru Minezawa

Izuru Minezawa is a second-year student who has been trapped in Mobius for a year and knows about the true nature of the virtual world. After he is rescued from Shonen-Doll's library, he joins the Go-Home Club.


Izuru has medium-length blond hair that frames his face, as well as stern gray eyes. He wears a modified version of the school uniform; underneath the blazer he wears a cream-colored sweater with gold buttons, and under that he wears a black turtleneck. Over his uniform he wears a long black coat with a fur collar. The inside of the coat is a dark maroon or purple, with stylized designs of his Catharsis Effect's flowers in red, white, and blue.

His Catharsis Effect's weapon takes the form of a long katana-like sword with a black handle and silver guard. His skin blackens up to the wrist on his right hand, which is the hand he wields his sword with. His Catharsis Effect item is a mask that covers the left side of his face. In the illustration, the mask has flower designs reminiscent of the ones inside his coat, as well as various white spikes and protrusions and what looks to be a jaw piece. However, the model simply has a rounded dome-like helmet appearance and lacks the flower designs or visible protrusions.


Izuru is a very individualistic and detached person, preferring to do things on his own wherever he can. His cool and aloof nature makes him very popular among Mobius' denizens. However, his emotional detachment also makes it hard for other people to connect to him, as shown with his stoicism regarding Shogo's attempts to recruit him.

He's also shown a somewhat crazed side to himself, as he admitted to scarring his own face in the real world; later, when trapped in Mobius, he attempted to do so again multiple times with him proudly telling others that the scars were the first thing he obtained all on his own without anyone's giving it to him or helping him, further showing his intense desire to obtain independence.

It's implied that he is stressed by females, as most of them always after him due his face. Regardless whether the girls has romantic interest or not (as with the jewelry shop owner), Izuru would quickly go away from them due his long time experiences.


Izuru's mother was very controlling. She wanted him to follow in her footsteps and become a violinist, and to that point controlled everything he did. This caused him to regularly self-harm, as it was one thing he could control.

At some point, he was diagnosed with a mental illness (possibly schizoid personality disorder, given the name of his Deep Trauma), and as such likens himself to a malfunctioning robot.


Izuru is first met in the hallways before Shogo Satake, Kotono Kawashiba, and the protagonist meet Naruko. Shogo attempts to convince him to join the Go-Home Club, attempting to entice him with the info that they've discovered, but Izuru refuses. Aria finds him attractive, but seeing as Izuru cannot detect her yet, he cannot hear these remarks.

After this encounter, Izuru disappears until Shonen-Doll's library, in which it was revealed he was trapped as a doll long before the Go-Home Club entered it. Shogo was trapped in the same closed stacks area he was, and Aria was not able to cure him due to the length of time he was trapped. Once the Go-Home Club defeat Shonen-Doll, all the dolls, including Izuru, are turned back into students. After this, he approaches the Club and asks to join after Kotaro mentions they have weapons that allow them to fight the Digiheads. Izuru will then be welcomed into the club no matter what choice the protagonist makes.

Catharsis Effect

Izuru is very similar to Suzuna, just having a better HP stat but worse Defense compared to her. Gameplay-wise, however, Izuru's personality translates even in battle, where he works best alone given how his Skills trigger continuously into another and able to pull off his own combos if certain conditions are met (though he'll still need some help depending on the enemy's Risk Level) compared to Suzuna where she needs the help and setup. This will make Izuru apply a lot of pressure since the Skills he'll trigger in combos are Skills you can manually select minus one Skill, meaning he can safely conserve SP and still keep on attacking the enemy assuming the right conditions have been met. Otherwise, he's a pretty straightforward character but an excellent choice nonetheless. Here are his Catharsis Effect Skills and Support Skills.

Catharsis Effect

  • Final Curtain
    • Must fill the Stress Meter
    • Uses 0 SP
    • Power 1090
    • Attack Skill Level 3 / Defense Skill Level 3
    • Hit 1
    • [Overdose Skill] Destroy each and every one of the target's vitals with a blade imbued with divine power and precision. 
  • Winter's Bloom
    • Requires 12 Skills Points to upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 50 SP in first phase, 40 SP in second phase, 25 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 30  >  Level 2: Power 34  >  Level 3: Power 39
    • Attack Skill Level 1 / Defense Skill Level 0
    • Hit 12
    • Impale the enemy with a flurry of icicles. Triggers "Spectral Thunder" on targets with Risk 2 or higher.
  • Spectral Thunder
    • Requires 12 Skills Points to upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 55 SP in first phase, 44 SP in second phase, 27 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 60  > Level 2: Power 69  > Level 3: Power 78
    • Attack Skill Level 1 / Defense Skill Level 2
    • Hit 6
    • Tears into downed enemies, dealing 150% damage. Triggers "Moonbeam" when hitting targets with Risk 3 or higher.
  • Moonbeam
    • Requires 16 Skills Points to upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 80 SP in first phase, 64 SP in second phase, 40 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 80  >  Level 2: Power 92  > Level 3: Power 104
    • Attack Skill Level 3 / Defense Skill Level 2
    • Hit 2
    • [Crash the power of the moon down on the target. Triggers "Shadows of the Night" on targets with Risk 3 or above.
  • Dancing Flames
    • Requires 12 Skills Points and reach Level xx to unlock and upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 55 SP in first phase, 44 SP in second phase, 27 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 60  > Level 2: Power 69  > Level 3: Power 78
    • Attack Skill Level 1 / Defense Skill Level 1
    • Hit 6
    • Sear the target with a blade as hot as the sun. Triggers a follow-up attack when hitting a launched enemy.
    • Triggers "Spontaneous Combustion", a Rush Skill where a stage bow is performed, unleashing multiple slashes in the blink of an eye. Hits 5 times. 
  • Shadows of the Night
    • Requires 12 Skills Points and reach Level xx to unlock and upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 60 SP in first phase, 48 SP in second phase, 30 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 110  > Level 2: Power 126  > Level 3: Power 143
    • Attack Skill Level 2 / Defense Skill Level 1
    • Hit 5
    • Summon swords forged from the shadows beneath your target. Triggers "Nevermore Blade" on launched enemies.
  • Nevermore Blade
    • Requires 12 Skill Points and reach Level xx to unlock and upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 50 SP in first phase, 40 SP in second phase, 25 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 70  >  Level 2: Power 80  >  Level 3: Power 91
    • Attack Skill Level 1 / Defense Skill Level 2
    • Hit 5
    • The weight of the entire sky crushes the target, dealing 150% damage to airborne enemies. Triggers a follow-up skill on launched enemies.
    • Triggers "Spontaneous Combustion". 
  • Eternal Garden
    • Requires 48 Skill Points and completed Izuru's Character Episode to unlock and upgrade
    • Rush Skill
    • Uses 140 SP in first phase, 112 SP in second phase, 70 SP in third phase
    • Level 1: Power 230  >  Level 2: Power 264  >  Level 3: Power 299
    • Attack Skill Level 2 / Defense Skill Level 2
    • Hit 1
    • A ferocious-yet-elegant sequential assault that triggers an additional follow-up skill on targets with Risk Break.
    • Triggers "Demon March", Izuru's Ultimate Skill, a Rush Skill that goes all-out on the enemy like a vicious performance, attack from all possible directions before finishing up with a wave surrounding the user. Hits 29 times. (Should hit at least 34 times if the few hits before the surrounding wave attack actually connected). 

Support (Exclusive Skills)

  • Sudden Inspiration
    • Requires 24 Skill Points to unlock
    • Uses 60 SP in first phase, 48 SP second phase, 30 SP third phase
    • For five seconds, you gain immunity to damage and greatly reduced Turn Cooldown.
  • Sense of Justice
    • Requires 32 Skill Points to unlock
    • Uses 45 SP in first phase, 36 SP second phase, 22 SP third phase
    • Grants an ally increased Accuracy and Attack for a time.
  • Frozen Heart
    • Requires 24 Skill Points to unlock
    • Uses 125 SP in first phase, 100 SP second phase, 62 SP third phase
    • Stun an enemy for an extended period of time.


  • The name Izuru means "fiber, tie, rope" (維) (i) and "string, bowstring, handle" (弦) (zuru).
  • Izuru's surname Minezawa means "peak, summit" (峯) (mine) and "marsh" (沢) (sawa/zawa).


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