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Izuru Minezawa

Izuru Minezawa Catharsis

Kanji 峯沢 維弦
Romaji みねざわ いづる
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 17
Class 2-4
Affiliation Go-Home Club
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed mother
Appears in The Caligula Effect
Voice Yuichiro Umehara
Tomoaki Maeno (anime, Episode 9-)
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I'll search for my own way home... Leave me be.
— Izuru Minezawa

Izuru Minezawa is a 2nd year student who has been trapped in Mobius for a year.



Izuru is a very individualistic and detached person, preferring to do things on his own wherever he can. His cool and aloof nature makes him very popular among Mobius' denizens.he's also shown a somewhat crazed side to himself as well as he admitted to scarring his own face in the real world and later when trapped in Mobius attempted to do so again multiple times with him proudly telling others that the scars were the first thing he obtained all on his own without anyone's giving it to him or helping him, further showing his intense desire to obtain independence.


Izuru's mother was very controlling. She wanted him to follow in her footsteps and become a violinist, and to that point controlled everything he did. This caused him to regularly self-harm, as it was one thing he could control.

At some point, he was diagnosed with a mental illness (possibly schizoid personality disorder, given the name of his Deep Trauma), and as such likens himself to a malfunctioning robot.


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