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How was it, Minezawa? You were intimidated by my fame, weren't you?
— Ike-P

Ike-P is an Ostinato Musician who writes songs for µ. He is a 2nd year student and a classmate of Izuru Minezawa, who he possesses a burning, if one-sided resentment of. His real name is Tomoya Koike.



Ike's sole motivators are fame and success; he doesn't just want the attention and adoration of those around him, he believes he has a right to it, and his belief that the real world will always deny him that is why he participates in preserving Mobius. This entitlement is also the genesis for his rivalry with Izuru: His classmate's incredible beauty gives him significant popularity, making Ike-P consider him a barrier to gaining that attention himself. This is a trait that he also seems to project on Izuru: He appears to be under the belief that Izuru also craves what he does, and is therefore actively trying to steal that away from him (when, in actuality, Izuru is at best apathetic to the student bodys fawning over him).

The track composed by Ike-P in-universe, Angel's Song, is a guitar-oriented rock piece with a moderate tempo, played in double time and interspersed with attention-grabbing lead parts. It's boss version exists in around the same genre space, but it both loses the double time rhythm and is much more sparse, with each instrument having significantly more space in between each part, as opposed to the almost constant action of it's original arrangement. It also gains a synth part.


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