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Himari Minamide
Kanji 南出 日向
Romaji 'minamide himari'
Physical Description
Gender Female
Age 20(at death)
Occupation Underground Idol
Affiliation Uzume-tai
Status Deceased
Friends Ayana Amamoto (fellow idol)
Appears in Caligula Overdose
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Himari Minamide (南出 日向 minamide himari) was the leader of the Uzume-tai Underground Idol group, up until her death at the age of 20 after getting involved with an incident.


Himari Minamide was the leader of the idol group Uzume-tai, a group that also had her friend, Ayana Amamoto. During a live performance, she was assaulted by a crazed fan, Kouki Tadokoro, who attacked her with a metal bat in the head, rendering her permanently blind. She later committed suicide.

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