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Ayana Amamoto

Ayana Amamoto

Ayana Amamoto Catharsis

Kanji 天本 彩声
Romaji Amamoto Ayana
Physical Description
Gender Female
Age 17 (Mobius)
27 (Reality)
Height 161cm
Birthday November 11
Occupation Idol singer (former) Nail salon worker
Class 2-7
Affiliation Go-Home Club
Uzume-tai (former)
Status Alive
Weapon Stun Gun
Flower Japanese Snake Gourd (Hate Men)
Carnation (Scorn)
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed older brother
Appears in Caligula Overdose
Voice Maria Naganawa
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Ayana Amamoto is a 2nd year student. She has an extreme hatred toward all men to the point of being violent towards them.


Ayana has shoulder-length brown hair and eyes, and wears the Kishimai High School uniform, albeit modified. She has a two-toned colored ribbon around her neck collar, colored purple and pink. Additionally, she wears a black blouse that comes down to her calves.

When her Catharsis Effect is active, she wears white gloves and wears a visor over her face, along with two headpieces on either side of her head.


Due to an incident that led to her entering Mobius, Ayana possesses an extreme fear of men to the point of turning violent. She cannot stand being in the presence of one and will either scream in terror or forcibly remove them from her presence. Her overall opinion of males is also very harsh.

That being said, she does not go out of her way to be hateful of every male she meets. Some exceptions, such as the male Protagonist, she is comfortable being around though she does request that he keeps his distance. She also has nothing negative to say about Shogo, as she understands he shares a similar, but less severe, fear of someone of the opposite gender. She even has a high opinion of Izuru and Eiji.

Ayana is otherwise very friendly and enjoys spending her time with others. She noticeably enjoys spending her time with the other female members of the Go-Home Club; especially the female protagonist. She even expresses a romantic interest in her.


Six years before entering Mobius, Ayana was a member of the Uzume Corps. Underground Idol Group, studying under her friend Himari. At this point, she still had a fear of men, but it wasn't quite as severe. She became an idol in order to get over her fear. She initially had good memories with Himari and even planned on making a big debut. That all changed when after an event, Koki Tadokoro appeared and brutally attacked Himari with a metal bat. Ayana was witness to this, but was too shocked and horrified to intervene.

The attack worsened Ayana's fear of men to the point where she could no longer interact with her father or brother properly. Out of consideration for her feelings, her brother married his girlfriend earlier than planned and her father moved into a separate apartment. He often sent her letters since he couldn't speak with her directly, but Ayana couldn't find it in herself to reply to them. She eventually heard from a friend that her father had collapsed. Ayana had believed this to be her fault entirely, and eventually she encountered Mu.

When she arrived in Mobius, everyone appeared to be female to her. She lived a blissful life of ignorance like everyone else, but she felt that there was someone she needed to write back to. This served as the catalyst to her discovering the truth of Mobius and became a target to the Digiheads.


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