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... I can't guarantee that this will work out, but I guess I'll have to take a gamble on you and see what happens.
— Aria

Aria (アリア; aria) is a Virtuadoll created around the same time as µ. Due to µ's vast influence in Mobius, she was forced to take a smaller form.


From her first appearance in-game, Aria is in a fairy-like state due to μ taking over control in Mobius by having μ's songs play around thanks to the Ostinato Musicians. She has bright amber eyes and in her small form, Aria is seen wearing the same Kishimai High School blazer with an altered emblem that's exclusive to her with a different design from every student in Mobius, wears a short red skirt and short red heels in-game whereas her promotional art shows to be yellow heels. What appears to be a choker surrounding her neck has a special megaphone dangling from it to almost resemble a bell from how it is presented, a motif that is well associated with Aria in relation to her true form. Her ponytail can also be seen in the shape of a bell as well. She's also seen wearing studio headphones to fit with her music side being a Virtuadoll.

In her true form, Aria still retains her studio headphones and megaphone choker but appear smaller due to Aria no longer being small. Her ponytail appears smaller as well sticking out less but still retaining the bell form going out. She has a similar all white outfit that μ has with some differences setting them apart: she has a short summer dress with the cut going to the bottom of her chest meeting with a black belt and white belt with golden buckles fastening the area, across her chest going from her right shoulder to below her left arm is a golden strap that is connected to the red cape on her left shoulder giving a matador/general feel to have some flow to her design, the actual Kishimai High School emblem on the left side of her chest, a golden hip accessory surrounding her back and leaving an opening in the front similar to μ's, white tights, white high ankle boots with a golden rim, and two large bells as her back accessory similar to μ's wing accessory accompanied with the blue, white, and red ribbons tied with it.


Aria appears to have a super playful personality and is very outgoing in comparison to μ, oftentimes even prompting herself and her album as a Virtuadoll when people take notice of her. With her outgoing and confident nature, Aria is also very understanding and shows a sensitive and caring side when Go-Home Club members and others are in distress. Not one to beat around the bush, she tends to call out a situation if it's going south or just downright weird. Like to throw in some English phrases when she speaks such as "Are you ready?" or her most well-known line "Go live~!" when she's ready to help tune someone's heart to awaken to their Catharsis Effect.




  • Being a Virtuadoll, a Vocaloid system in Caligula Effect's universe, Aria's voice actress is also the voice provider of Kagamine Rin & Len, two well-known Vocaloids in the community.
  • Aria is the who coined the phrase "Catharsis Effect" when explaining the phenomenon to Shogo and the Protagonist after she tuned the Protagonist's heart to awaken to it to fight off two Digiheads.
  • In The Caligula Effect, Aria's original form only appears once for a very brief moment during the ending scene once everyone returns to reality where in The Caligula Effect: Overdose, her original form appears twice, once in the same ending sequence in the Go-Home Ending and the other in the Forbidden Musician Route as a full model.
    • Interestingly enough, even though original form Aria appears in-game in the Forbidden Musician Route and has dialogue, there is sprite work of her with various emotions and facial expressions in the Overdose's code so it seems. However, this goes unnoticed due to Aria in her original form having dialogue in a 3D modelled cutscene, separate from the text window cutscene throughout the game.
  • Aria's song ??????????????, known as Veritas, derives from the meaning "truth" but also the name of the goddess of truth, and the Roman virtue of truthfulness. An appropriate song sung by her after learning Lucid's true identity and having a final confrontation.
    • There's a bit in the lyrics where despite Aria being dead set on stopping Lucid's plan, there is still a slight hope that she still believes in Lucid despite the betrayal.

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